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Owner Scores

Based on 60 reviews
Comfort 9
90% Complete
Performance 9
90% Complete
Fuel Economy 7
70% Complete
Interior Design 9
90% Complete
Exterior Styling 9
90% Complete
Reliability 9
90% Complete

Owner Reviews

Peter8359 Nice truck, but has a real problem in the front end. January 03, 2019 F-350 SUPER DUTY
Overall Score
There is an issue with the front end. When travelling over rough terrain - washboard road, bridge, railway crossing, etc. - the front end suddenly starts to vibrate excessively - so much so that it is difficult to hold it on the road. Had it back to the shop 3 times, and will be taking it back again. Dealership can't find the problem.
Comfort 6
60% Complete
Performance 4
40% Complete
Fuel Economy 6
60% Complete
Interior Design 8
80% Complete
Exterior Styling 8
80% Complete
Reliability 2
20% Complete
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