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Comfort 10
100% Complete
Performance 9
90% Complete
Fuel Economy 8
80% Complete
Interior Design 9
90% Complete
Exterior Styling 9
90% Complete
Reliability 9
90% Complete

Owner Reviews

Google OMG what a piece of crap February 19, 2019
Overall Score
you remember the 80's.. when there were cars like the ford escort that broke just looking at it? well.' this bmw is the same.. OMG.. what a lemon i put my hands on.. electronics, brakes.. sensors.. won't start.. doors unlock anytime.. it even stopped in the middle of the 416 going to toronto.. i bought it at a dealership. thinking i was covered..but nooo.. all the money i put in this crap..i could have bought a new one and to add injury to insult.. i went to mercedes to get rid of it and it got only $6000 for it.. avoid BMW>. they are becoming DODGE...
Comfort 8
80% Complete
Performance 8
80% Complete
Fuel Economy 4
40% Complete
Interior Design 8
80% Complete
Exterior Styling 8
80% Complete
Reliability 2
20% Complete
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