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Comfort 9
90% Complete
Performance 9
90% Complete
Fuel Economy 7
70% Complete
Interior Design 9
90% Complete
Exterior Styling 9
90% Complete
Reliability 9
90% Complete

Owner Reviews

Nahcos Excellent car overall, ruined by horrible front seats. September 18, 2019 Titanium
Overall Score
The car shines in almost every aspect, but unfortunately the driving experience as a whole is completely ruined by the MOST uncomfortable front seats I have ever sat in, in any car I’ve ever owned. These seats are specific to the Titanium trim only and while many users have been signaling this for years, it seems Ford chose to turn a deaf ear and it continues to install them despite the increasing number of harsh complaints. The seats are way too narrow even for a slim-fit person, the side bolsters are overly tall and stiff, cutting into the thighs thus making any position really painful after only about 20-30 minutes in the car. Furthermore, the entire seat is awkwardly tilted backwards, so the knees are always higher than the hip, no matter what adjustment one tries. My legs get numb after 20-30 in the car, and that’s when the whole driving experience gets ruined. Positives: - Excellent implementation of all “new” safety features, - Very spacious interior, consistent with all previous Edge models. - Good handling in sharp turns even on uneven or slippery roads, - Excellent brakes, - Impressive power from the 2.0L EcoBoost engine, - Better than expected gas mileage on highway driving (relative to its weight), even at increased speeds. - Responsive and ergonomic infotainment, - Navigation is better than most competitor's, - Phenomenal LED headlights, making driving at night safe and quite satisfying. Negatives: - Horrible front seats making the Edge the most uncomfortable car ever, - Somewhat rough downshifting which is being felt just before coming to a complete stop as a series of jerks, - Poor gas mileage in city driving, making the 2.0L engine equipped Edge to burn slightly more fuel in the city than its 3.5L V6 counterpart. - Narrow sun visors, making them useless when heading towards the sun.
Comfort 2
20% Complete
Performance 8
80% Complete
Fuel Economy 8
80% Complete
Interior Design 10
100% Complete
Exterior Styling 8
80% Complete
Reliability 8
80% Complete
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