2018 BMW 4 Series

Canadian MSRP
$52,150 - $72,050
2018 BMW 4 Series

Key Specifications for 2018 BMW 4 Series

Fuel Economy 6.2 - 12.2 City/HWY combined
Horsepower 248 - 320 hp
Drivetrain All-Wheel Drive, Rear-Wheel Drive
Engine Gasoline
Torque 258 - 330 ft-lb
Seats 4 - 5

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2018 BMW 4 Series Trims

The 2018 BMW 4 Series has 7 trims. Below you will be able to review all the trims with the option to compare.
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AutoTrader Review

Fuel Economy
We first met BMW’s 4 Series in 2013. For those who are still confused, the 4 Series is just what used to be the 3 Series coupe. But then, you say, what’s with the 4 Series Gran Coupe, which is a four-door coupe. Oh BMW, what hast thou done? Anyway, if the pictures didn’t already tell the story, this is about the true 4 Series coupe – the one with two doors. Wider and with a longer wheelbase than its predecessor, the new 440’s low-slung silhouette looks absolutely stunning. The design is just right in my opinion, using a long hood, short overhangs, and a passenger compartment set well back to achieve near-perfection in the styling department. I never do a double take at white or silver BMWs because that’s what everyone seems to buy, but this coupe in Glacier Silver Metallic looked exquisite.
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Recall number
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Safety Mfr
On certain vehicles, a mechanism within the Emergency Locking Retractor (ELR) of one or both of the front seat belts may be incompatible. In the event of a crash warranting activation of the ELR, the vehicle-sensitive mechanism may cause the seat belt not to lock, which could increase the risk of injury to the seat occupant. Correction: Dealers will replace both of the front seat belt assemblies.

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