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Volkswagen Tiguan

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Owner Scores

Based on 47 reviews
Comfort 9
90% Complete
Performance 9
90% Complete
Fuel Economy 8
80% Complete
Interior Design 9
90% Complete
Exterior Styling 10
100% Complete
Reliability 9
90% Complete

Owner Reviews

Trena Adair Faulty injectors May 30, 2019 Trendline
Overall Score
Feel a lagging of pep due to the gas not getting into the injectors right had one replaced under warranty when they should of replaced all of them when they had it opened up now I will have to cover the cost .I used premium fuel from day one .
Comfort 8
80% Complete
Performance 4
40% Complete
Fuel Economy 6
60% Complete
Interior Design 8
80% Complete
Exterior Styling 8
80% Complete
Reliability 6
60% Complete
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