2017 Dodge Durango

Canadian MSRP
$44,195 - $57,195
2017 Dodge Durango

Key Specifications for 2017 Dodge Durango

Fuel Economy 11.3 - 14.0 City/HWY combined
Horsepower 295 - 360 hp
Drivetrain All-Wheel Drive
Engine Gasoline
Torque 260 - 390 ft-lb
Seats 5 - 7

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2017 Dodge Durango Trims

The 2017 Dodge Durango has 5 trims. Below you will be able to review all the trims with the option to compare.
5 trims available
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AutoTrader Review

Fuel Economy
You have to hand it to Chrysler: the company knows how to market itself. Thanks to a brilliant ad campaign some years back, just about everybody knows that the Hemi is Dodge’s big deal, even if most of them might not actually know what a Hemi is. Overall, it’s a strong, smooth, and pretty much bulletproof V8 (the name refers to the hemispherical shape of the combustion chambers; other automakers have used the design, but Chrysler trademarked the name). And it’s a $2,400 option on my tester, the 2017 Dodge Durango Citadel.
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Recall Information

Recall number
Recall date
System affected
Model year(s) affected
Recall number
Recall date
System affected
Model year(s) affected
2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Manufacturer Recall Number:
U49 U59 U60 U61 U62 U63 U64 U65 U73
Units Affected:
Notification Type:
Safety Mfr
On certain vehicles, an electronic fault may create a situation where the cruise control cannot be deactivated. If this occurs and the driver does not apply the brakes or shift the transmission to neutral, the vehicle could maintain speed or accelerate without warning, increasing the risk of a crash causing injury and/or damage to property. Correction: Dealers will inspect the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) software and perform an update as necessary. Note: In the interim, owners are advised not to use the cruise control until the vehicle is repaired.

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