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New Kia Trademarks Could Hint at Future Electric Vehicles

Kia Corporation recently filed a number of trademark applications with various intellectual property offices across the globe, which may provide valuable insight into the Korean automaker’s future electric vehicle ambitions.

The trademark applications include filings for "Kia EV1" all the way through to "Kia EV9," as well as standalone applications for "EV1," "EV2" and so forth. Kia filed for these applications with the World Intellectual Property Office, among other IP authorities across the globe, suggesting that some of these potential future vehicles could be sold worldwide. They were filed under a goods and services classification reserved for automobiles and electric cars.

As we already know, the Kia EV6 electric crossover will launch in select markets later this year, which is the first of several future battery-electric Kia models that will utilize the automaker’s modular E-GMP platform. These new trademark applications indicate these other future Kia models will follow the exact same naming convention as the EV6, incorporating the letters EV followed by a numeral that likely indicates the size of the vehicle.

We should note that it’s unlikely Kia will use all nine of the EV6-style trademark applications it has filed for. The more likely scenario is that Kia is covering its bases and reserving these trademarks just in case it wants to use them on a new EV model at some point in the future. Still, it provides an interesting window into Kia’s future EV plans and is a clear sign the automaker is serious about offering more battery-electric vehicles to its customers.

As an interesting aside, we also dug up four trademark applications for what may be Kia EV6 model variants. These included EV6 Air, EV6 Water, EV6 Light, and EV6 Earth. The production EV6 is a compact crossover with an estimated driving range of 516 kilometres when equipped with the available 77.4 kWh battery pack and two-wheel drive. An all-wheel drive EV6 GT performance model will also be available, which features a 576-horsepower dual-motor powertrain and an estimated max range of 395 kilometres.