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Patent Filing Previews Audi E-Tron GT

Thanks to a patent filed with the Chinese intellectual property office, we have a better idea of what the forthcoming Audi E-Tron GT will look like.

Audi showed us its Porsche Taycan competitor in concept form last fall at the LA auto show. However, the drawings included with the Chinese patent filing bring us a bit closer to what the GT will look like when it enters production in 2021.

We came across these patent images at the discussion board, whose article says Audi had confirmed it would launch a production version this year. However, at the LA auto show, Audi execs said it would deliver the GT to customers in 2021, a timeline that seems more realistic.

What seems more confirmed are the car’s specs. The E-Tron GT will boast an 800-volt charging system that will be able to take on 320 km worth of juice in 20 minutes. The “more than 90 kWh” battery pack and a massive 590 hp output will help garner a 3.5-second run to 100 km/h. A sophisticated cooling system will keep the electrical system from overheating and allow multiple max acceleration sprints.

That battery, which Audi also promises will provide 400 km in driving range, will essentially form the floor of the car between the front and rear axles. Placing its substantial weight that low in the chassis promises a centre of gravity similar to that of the R8 sports car.