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Audi Recharges, Shows E-Tron GT Concept

Audi has just revealed the latest in its electric onslaught. The E-Tron GT Concept is a full-on sports car that offers up big electric power and lightning-fast electric acceleration.

The concept’s electric powertrain fits two motors, one up front and one in the back. The combination puts together 590 hp and drives all four wheels. That theoretically lets the concept accelerate, Audi says, 0–100 km/h in 3.5 seconds and hit 200 in just over 12.

Audi is quick to point out that the E-Tron GT concept will be able to repeat that acceleration several times in a row. While many EVs overheat the electronics after a few hard runs, the GT concept will keep the electric bits cool when the fast driving keeps going, Audi claims.

The battery is a lithium-ion pack with “more than 90 kWh”. Audi says that means a range exceeding 400 km on the WLTP cycle. The battery goes under the car and takes up the entire underfloor space between the axles. Audi says the low position of the battery gives it an R8-like centre of gravity.

The battery is capable of charging on the company’s new 800-volt system. That means 20 minutes for around 320 km of range – if you can find such a powerful charger.

Regenerative braking through the two motors allows for up to 0.3g of braking. According to Audi, that’s more than 90 percent of all stops. In addition to the motors, the electro-hydraulic braking system can also capture braking energy. Hit the limit of regen and ceramic discs take over stopping duty.

Covering that electric performance is styling that’s just as electrifying. The sloping roofline calls out to the Sportback styling that’s seen in most of the brand’s new models. The bulging fenders promise the power that the electric motors need to deliver. And the full-width LED tails are the brand’s latest styling trend. The air vents and sills are designed to work well in the wind tunnel too.

Inside, the car offers up a simple design and layout. The centre console and large touchscreen surround the driver, which Audi calls the driver’s workspace. The instrument cluster and main touchscreen offer a clean black-panel look when they’re turned off. The gauge panel display is customizable.

The E-Tron GT isn’t all performance and style. It offers up impressive cargo space too. It uses a front trunk to add 100 litres to the 450 available under the hatch. That’s 175 L more than an A4 sedan.

The car uses what Audi calls its Premium Platform Electric. That foundation will be shared with Porsche and will be used for cars in the B (city car) through D (full-size) segments. At 4,960 mm long and 1,960 mm wide, the concept is 234 mm longer than the A4 and 117 mm wider.

Audi calls the E-Tron GT a concept, but it’s a very good look at a car that we will see on the road. The automaker says that the project “will be developed into volume-production models.” Deliveries of that car are set to start in early 2021.