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Mitsubishi Bringing Three Motor, AI Loaded SUV Concept to Tokyo Show

Mitsubishi is showing off a concept that is part EV, part SUV, part AI, and 100 percent concept car. It'll be on the Mitsubishi stand at the Tokyo Motor Show starting October 25th.

The Mitsubishi e-Evolution concept showcases a three-motor all-wheel drive system, dual motor active yaw control, and a new level of artificial intelligence that is designed to help you drive better and make being in the car less stressful.

The e-Evolution concept uses high-performance electric motors and a high-capacity battery system to deliver "smooth and powerfully responsive performance. The all-wheel drive system uses a single motor to drive the front wheels and a dual motor active yaw control system that can vary power to each of the two rear motors. That system gives active torque vectoring to the rear wheels, improving handling and making sure the e-Evolution is doing what you want it to do on the road.

The e-Evolution concept uses an artificial intelligence system that uses an array of sensors to read the road surface, traffic conditions, and what it thinks the driver wants to do. It can learn the driver's skill level and actually provide driving advice via voice commands or through the dashboard display. Mitsubishi says that it lets drivers of all abilities "enjoy the driving experience to an even greater degree."

The AI personal assistant can be used to control the climate control system, as well as other vehicle functions like the wipers. It will also learn about the driver and individual passengers and give services tailored to each person. It can even connect with other devices. Mitsubishi gives the example of connecting with a drone to check traffic or give you a better view of the scenery around you.

And all that tech is crammed under a body that is pure show car dramatic. It has big slashes, sharp lines, huge wheels, and tiny lights. 

The e-Evolution Concept will be joined by the Eclipse Cross and Outlander Plug-in Hybrid on the Mitsubishi stand at the show.