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Things to See at Toronto's 2018 Canadian International AutoShow

The 2018 Canadian International AutoShow kicks off this week in Toronto and, as usual, it is a treat for any curious car fiend. Whether you're attracted by gems like the world's fastest car - the Koenigsegg Agera RS – or simply shopping for your next family whip, this year's show has plenty on hand. 

These are our favourite show stoppers for consumers, car nuts and kids.

For Consumers 

2018 Volvo XC40

Arguably the most important consumer production car Canadian debut at the show, the new Volvo XC40 is smack back in the middle of the fastest-growing automotive segment: Compact Luxury SUV. The keys to this one went to Maple Leaf William Nylander. It is one of the first chances most Canadians will get to see the Volvo. 

Acura RDX Prototype 

On the subject of compact Luxury crossovers - this one is important too. It is only a prototype right now, but it's about as close to production spec as a prototype can get. Check it out if you're interested in what this stalwart of Acura's lineup is doing next. 

2018 Hyundai Kona

The 2018 Hyundai Kona is the newest mainstream subcompact SUV on the market. Like Mazda's CX-3 this one is a bit more tall hatch than SUV, and, like the CX-3, it's bloody gorgeous. That little nostril in the bonnet looks a bit naff in pictures, but sets off the Kona's front end beautifully in person. 

The one pictured here is decked out with the full suite of Hyundai add-ons. Base models will be a lot less flashy, but will also cost less than $21,000

2018 Nissan Kicks 

Nissan's Juke replacement is another subcompact SUV, but this one, like Toyota's C-HR, is front-wheel drive only. It's as fresh as a baby, so expect plenty of traffic around this one as curious consumers try it on for the first time. But seriously, is nobody making sedans anymore? 

2018 Toyota Avalon 

Yay! Toyota has a sedan! The new Avalon is downright handsome, and aggro looking with its rear deck-lid spoiler and chiseled lines. There's a lot of Lexus in this design, and the Toyota flagship always has pushed awkwardly into its cousin's luxury territory. It's worth checking out, if only because it is a big departure from the usual conservative Toyota full-size motif. 

Honourable mentions should go to the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, a mainstream plug-in hybrid SUV, and the Volkswagon Aerton, a new attempt at the flagship sedan Volkswagen wanted the Passat CC to be. 

For Car Enthusiasts 

All the Race Cars 

Do you like race cars? Of course you do. So here are a bunch. Everything from a DPI prototype racer from Cadillac, to a Renault *ahem*, Infiniti F1 car - and even a Formula E car over at the Audi booth. In the Tuner Showdown room, you can see grassroots Time Attack and Rally Cars, as well as one well-known movie car. 

Jesse's Jetta from The Fast and the Furious

Remember this one? You might have dreams about stealing it and running off; maybe you'll tell the attendant you're just taking it to get washed. Don't though. Seriously. It ended badly for poor Jesse. 

Infiniti Prototype 9 

Is there anything in the whole show more beautiful than this car? No. It's not new, but the Prototype 9 is new for Toronto and it deserves to be seen. This thing even runs - but no, they won't let you drive it. The Prototype 9 is what came out of Infiniti's chief designer when he imagined himself stumbling on an old Formula 1 car in the woods, or so they say. 

When parent company Nissan did a concept Juke R - someone with a bunch of money made them build it for him. I'm not saying we should Jay Leno en masse... but... 

Classics Galore

Duck into the annual Art and the Automobile piece if you want your fill of genuine classic metal. This look back through the ages not only boasts spectacular classic cars, but an intriguing and captivating historical display to match. 

There are also classic cars over at Mazda, who has their Cosmo, a second-gen RX-7 and a first-gen Miata on display, as well as a retrospective slide show that will have you drooling. Subaru has done their part too, with the little 1969 Subaru 360. 

For Kids (and Big Kids) 

 Hot wheels! And they let you play with them! This little area called Castrol Alley is for kids, but there's a bigger, 50th Anniversary interactive display just outside it. Tell me you don't want to play on it? Go on... I dare you.