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Nissan Recalls Pathfinder SUVs for Sticky Brake Light Switches

Nissan and Transport Canada have recalled 4,800 Pathfinder crossovers sold as 2013 and 2014 models to fix brake lights that may remain illuminated.

The problem is linked to the brake light switch and the brake light relay. When the driver presses the brake pedal down, the switch feeds electricity to a relay that in turn flips on the brake lights and turns them off when the pedal returns to its resting position. The same switch also activates the brake-shifter interlock that prevents the automatic transmission from the 'park' position unless the brake pedal is depressed.

In this batch of Pathfinders, the relay can get stuck in the "on" position so that the brake lights stay lit and, according to Transport Canada, could affect the shifter interlock and allow the car to be shifted out of 'park' inadvertently. Nissan dealers will inspect the brake light switch to make sure it was installed properly, and if not, they will reposition it and replace the brake light relay.