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Shopping Guide: Micra-Priced Family Deals

I know what you're thinking: right off the bat, isn't the Nissan Micra, cheapest new car in Canada, advertised at $9,998. It is! And for that price you get some doors and some windows and an engine and... um... seats. The basic Micra has all you might need in a car, but that's about it.

Want to add in the single option of an automatic transmission? All of a sudden, the price jumps a few thousand, and there's freight and PDI still to be added on too. Before you know it, the micro-priced Micra is $14,693 plus tax. More if you want metallic paint.

So what if you take that cash outlay, forgo the manufacturer finance rates and five-year warranty and start casting around for what you can get in the used market. For this edition of Micra-priced deals, we set the bar at $14K and went looking for family-friendly machines with a little more room to spread out.