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Ultimate Camping: 2014 Jayco Greyhawk

Article by Jacob Black

Why an RV? Don’t you like tents?

The things that make camping enjoyable, fun and exciting are universal. The outdoors, the smell of a wood fire, the taste of fresh-toasted marshmallow, chopping stuff up with an axe…

The things make camping less enjoyable, fun and exciting are equally universal. Wiping your bum with a leaf. Bugs. Cold weather. Rain.

That’s why RVs are such a brilliant concept. They’re comfortable, they’re warm, they let you stay connected to the real world by offering charging for your phones and most of them even have a toilet and a shower!

My wife and I are both motorsport fanatics. We regularly attend races of all shapes and sizes, but often we either commute out and back in one day, or stay at a nearby hotel. Neither of us are the camping type – usually.

So when we knew we’d need to be at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park for three days straight we knew we had to take drastic action. Enter GoRVing Canada and OWASCO Camper Rental. For my three-year-old daughter, my wife and I this 2014 Jayco Greyhawk would be our home for the weekend. Built on a Ford F-350 chassis with its prodigious V10 engine, the Greyhawk sleeps up to six people in surprising comfort. It comes equipped with pop-out sides, a fully functioning kitchen including a fridge that runs off propane, an onboard generator, toilet, shower and more.

Can Anybody Drive One?

In Ontario and most provinces of Canada you can drive any Class C motorhome with a normal driver’s license. They Jayco Greyhawk was surprisingly easy to drive and the large wing mirrors made it easy to gauge my position on the road, and in bends. Supplementary side mirrors mounted under the regular units help keep track of lane markings and low bollards. There was even a decent-size window in the back that allowed me to use the rear-view mirror. With any large vehicle, wide turns, extreme caution and slow, steady progress are recommended, but the Greyhawk had a friendly steering wheel with good feedback and better-than-expected handling.

The engine will drink fuel hand over fist, but it’s responsive and useful in traffic. There’s no need to hold up entire trains of cars if you don’t want to. The only driving criticism was the lack of tethers for a child seat. My daughter is large enough for a booster seat, and we could have fit her in any of the six available seats with belts, but families with younger children will be out of luck.

In the end, we decided to take the car as well anyway, as we had some ferrying to do.

Is it any fun?

With an entertainment system that features external features, a large awning and the ability to climb up and sit on the roof, the RV is the perfect rig for tailgating at any event. A place like Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, with sensational track views and also long hiking trails through dense bush makes an ideal RV camping spot.

CTMP even has its own excellent toilet facilities and two children’s playgrounds.

Digging into one of the dozens of storage compartments around the sides of the 30-foot RV we found an axe, and promptly went to work gathering firewood. Within minutes were toasting our feet and marshmallows by a roaring campfire, drinking cold beers from the fridge inside the truck.

For us, the mix of normal household amenities and the lure of the great outdoors was ideal. The creature comforts of the RV also meant we could extend the camping season deep into September and October. If it’s cold, no problem. This Jayco had a furnace. If it’s wet? No problem, it also has a roof.

How much space is there?

This rig was 30-feet long and eight-feet wide. It was comfortable for the three adults and four children we had inside the main living/dining area at various times throughout the weekend, and even the tubbiest two of us could pass in the hallway between the main bedroom and the kitchenette.

The seats are wide and comfortable – the benches could have fit three of us at the table, but were perfect at four. Headroom is a non-issue, at 5’6 I could stand with ease. There is a good seven-feet of overall height. The surfaces are all high-quality and easy to clean, with well-thought out cubbies and drawers. If you wanted, you could store a month’s worth of groceries, cooking utensils, clothing and bedding. This truly is a house on wheels.

But what did you do with the toilet?

Most campgrounds, and every city has a black-water dumping facility. Just drive the RV alongside the dumping hole, put on your gloves and follow the simple instructions to safely and easily get rid of your unwanteds from the tank. Warning: The hose supplied is short at only two feet long, so make sure you park right over the dump hole. This is the least exciting part of the RV experience, but it does beat wiping your bottom with a leaf.

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