You Could Own The Skip Barber Racing School

Earlier this year, the Skip Barber Racing School filed for bankruptcy, and now all of the school's assets, including its well-known name, are up for grabs.

Skip Barber himself sold the racing school in 1999 and is no longer associated with it, but the name still carries some weight in the racing community, the school having set up the likes of Michael Andretti, Danica Patrick and Juan-Pablo Montoya with their racing chops. The school claims a number of other well-known alumni, like Al Pacino, Charlie Sheen and Jerry Seinfeld, associations that make the opportunity to buy it kind of a cool thing.

Of course, if you have no desire to own a racing school, you can still buy some of the school's stuff. Cars up for sale include Porsche 911s, Ford Mustangs, Mazda Miatas and Mazda3 sedans and single-seat Formula racers. The sell-off extends to the school's fleet of car transporter semi trailers, pickup trucks and passenger vans, all of which are emblazoned with the school's logo.

The sale also literally includes a pile of brand-new tires and what appears to be a warehouse full of engines, transmissions and other spare parts.

It's important to note the sale does not extend to the Lime Rock Park racetrack, which Skip Barber, the man, still owns.

According to Liquid Asset Partners, the company conducting the sale, the liquidation is set to begin August 29 at the school's Braselton, GA location, with a second sale slated for September 12 at its other site in Gainesville, GA.

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