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2006 Buick Allure

Trim: CX
by Beautiful_Buick on 11-02-2013
What a great car. This car rides like a dream and handles more than adequately for a larger non sports car. On the highway, the ride is smooth, quiet and provides a sense of security. Fuel economy on the highway is great, it is the city stop and go that chews up your fuel with the Series III 3.8 L engine. This car just feels tight. It has loads of head room and leg room for tall folks, and those with long legs. The seats are very comfortable, and the controls are functional and within easy reach. The instrument panel is rather boring, but the rest of the interior features and creature comforts make up for that boring panel. Visibility both front and back and looking in the rear view mirror and side mirrors is above average and again gives one a sense of security as you can see in all directions. I would recommend this car for great value. I cannot attest to long term reliability yet as I have a long way to go yet with only 34000km driven, but I have done nothing but oil changes to this point. Hard braking is straight and smooth, however corner braking does reveal some body roll, but this is a luxury car, and not a Porshe. I have also noticed that handling suffers somewhat on bumpy roads, however, I have never owned a car where that is not the case.
A well made North American GM manufactured vehicle.
I love her, and plan to drive my Allure, (Lacrosse), as it is known in the US, for the next 6-8 years.
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