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2018 Nissan Murano

Canadian MSRP
$31,498 - $44,598
2018 Nissan Murano

Key Specifications for 2018 Nissan Murano

Fuel Economy 8.3 - 11.2 City/HWY combined
Horsepower 260 hp
Drivetrain Front-Wheel Drive, All-Wheel Drive
Engine Gasoline
Torque 240 ft-lb
Seats 5

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2018 Nissan Murano Trims

The 2018 Nissan Murano has 5 trims. Below you will be able to review all the trims with the option to compare.
5 trims available
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AutoTrader Review

Fuel Economy
Now in its third generation, the 2018 Nissan Murano remains handsome, roomy, comfortable, and practical. As with many vehicles on my “good choice” list, the Murano doesn’t have anything that spectacularly stands out, but everything comes together in a well-rounded package.
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Recall Information

Recall number
Recall date
System affected
Model year(s) affected
Recall number
Recall date
System affected
Model year(s) affected
2015 2016 2017 2018
Manufacturer Recall Number:
Units Affected:
Notification Type:
Safety Mfr
Issue: On certain vehicles, the antilock brake system (ABS) actuator pump may leak brake fluid and malfunction. This would cause the ABS warning lamp to turn on. If this problem is not fixed, damage to the ABS actuator could result in a short circuit. Note: This is a replacement and expansion of Transport Canada recall 2018-486. All vehicles that did not have the ABS actuator pump replaced under that recall require this repair. Safety Risk: A short circuit could increase the risk of a fire, even while parked. Corrective Actions: The company will notify owners by mail with an interim notice. A final repair is not yet available. If the ABS warning light stays on for 10 seconds or longer, you should park your vehicle outdoors away from other vehicles or structures. You should also call Nissan or Infiniti Roadside assistance to have your vehicle towed to a dealer for repair. A second notice will be sent to you once the final repair parts are available. This letter will advise you to take their vehicle to a dealer to replace the ABS actuator.
Recall number
Recall date
System affected
Visual System
Model year(s) affected
2018 2019
Manufacturer Recall Number:
Units Affected:
Notification Type:
Compliance TC
Issue: On certain vehicles, the rear view camera system does not return to the default setting when the transmission is shifted to reverse. This could cause a reduction in rear visibility if a driver had previously adjusted the camera display. Canadian regulations require that the rear view image returns to its original setting each time the camera is turned on. Safety Risk: Reduced rear visibility could increase the risk of a crash. Corrective Actions: The company will notify owners by mail and instruct them to take their vehicle to a dealer to update the software for the rear view camera.

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