Chevrolet surprised with last week's announcement that the Bolt EV would have a near 400 km range, and today they have shown the price to go with it.

The Bolt EV in Canada will start with an MSRP of $42,795. If you're in Ontario, that price can drop to $31,434 with tax incentives. Current electric vehicle incentives for BC residents can lower the price by up to a $5,000 credit there, and Quebec residents could see up to $8,000.

That price tag makes the Bolt EV the lowest cost long-range EV available in Canada. The slightly shorter range Tesla Model S 60 starts at $86,000. Shorter range EVs like the Ford Focus Electric, Nissan Leaf, and Kia Soul EV start at a lower price than the Bolt, but all have a range less than half that of the Bolt. The Tesla Model 3 may arrive with a lower price, but it also has a shorter claimed range. Production issues mean that the actual arrival date for the Model 3 may be pushed back as well.

The base trim Bolt EV LT comes with self-sealing tires, a regenerative braking boost paddle, rear-view camera, and a 10.2-inch colour touchscreen. Top trim Bolt EV Premier adds leather heated seats and a surround view camera.

Expect the Bolt EV at dealers in early 2017