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Watch: Van Blocks Driveway, Monster Truck Rams it Out of the Way

I'm not sure if this is what they meant when they said, "You need to fight fire with fire," but anyone who has had their driveway blocked might actually understand the lengths taken to "correct" the situation.

In this video posted to Reddit, a white van can be seen blocking a driveway. Instead of calling a tow truck or parking enforcement or waiting for the van driver to return and move the car, a lifted six-wheeled truck driver takes matters into their own hands by simply ramming the van out of the way.

The commenters on the post have mixed feelings on what transpired, which was posted with no context, so there's also no guarantee that this event wasn't staged.

"While I don't condone that choice, I also feel zero sympathy for the white van," one says.

Another commenter writes, "Okay I admit it, there's one good reason to own a brodozer, while another writes, "Clearly not deranged road rage but a calculated plan of vigilante justice. Do I support it? No. Do I understand it? Yes."

Another commenter writes, "Why have 6 large wheels and an extra-armoured vehicle if you can't go around and hop the curb accrue loads of cost for the repair and likely get criminally charged for destruction of property?"

What would you have done in this situation?