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Concept Becomes Reality With 2025 Genesis GV80 Coupe

A little over half a year after teasing a sleek and stylish SUV concept that looked all but production-ready, the 2025 Genesis GV80 Coupe is set to be the brand’s aesthetic ambassador.

Say what you will about these so-called SUV “coupes,” but this GV80 is about as pretty as they come. The sloping roofline suits the proportions of the brand’s biggest sport utility to perfection, with the integrated duckbill at the back the ideal finisher for what’s a true head-turner. Finished in a so-light-it-could-be-white shade of blue, the production version of the GV80 Coupe doesn’t come across as quite as sporty as the concept that was revealed in New York earlier this year, but it’s stunning nonetheless.

Both inside and out, that fantastical take on what was ready for production otherwise featured contrasting colours that accentuated the GV80’s athleticism. In production form, well – it’s a bit more understated. That doesn’t mean a sportier version couldn’t eventually make it to market, but the fancy suede bucket seats have been replaced with conventional leather ones, while the carbon-fibre lip spoiler is nowhere to be found here.

GV80 Gets an Update

Less surprising is the more traditional take on the lights than what was shown on the concept – all but expected given the production version’s need to meet actual safety regulations. Even so, the ones here are a new take on the split head- and tail lights Genesis has been using for a few years now.

Those lights aren’t exclusive to this sportback version: the 2025 Genesis GV80 has been overhauled ever so slightly in its more traditional body style, too. The grille has been softened a bit next to the original version, which featured sharp corners and a mesh-like pattern. That insert has been updated a bit, while something that’s supposed to look like a skid plate has been added along with some chrome accents that wrap along the lower portion of the doors and onto the back bumper.

Inside, a new digital display that combines infotainment and instrumentation under one 27-inch glass panel dominates the dash, replacing what had previously been a more traditional setup. Likewise, the rest of the controls inside have been cleaned up a bit, while the coupe version adds a steering wheel with a flat-ish bottom.

Not Electric Yet

It looks like neither version of this midsize SUV will make the switch to electrification just yet, with the traditional GV80 relying on the same pair of gas powertrains as before. That means the choice of a turbocharged four-cylinder or twin-turbocharged V6, the latter of which makes 375 hp. The GV80 Coupe, meanwhile, uses only a 3.5L V6 for motivation, but it’s had a 48-volt electric supercharger bolted to it, with 409 hp as a result.

Expect more details about both, including pricing, to be announced closer to their on-sale dates sometime next year.