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2024 Honda Passport Updated with More Capable TrailSport Model

While Honda's three-row Pilot was completely redesigned last year, its close sibling, the Passport, has yet to get the same overhaul. Honda hasn't left it completely alone, though, and is updating the TrailSport with improved off-road capability, added a new Black Edition, and given occupants more space in the centre console.

The 2022 Passport was the first model to wear Honda's TrailSport badge, which is supposed to be for models with more off-road capability. Honda was barely dipping its toe into the segment, though, and cosmetic upgrades were the most significant difference.

For the 2024 Passport, Honda is fixing that shortcoming. This time, the Passport TrailSport has new springs as well as new damper tuning for off-road ride quality, and sway bars tweaked for improved suspension articulation. Ground clearance stays the same at 205.4 mm.

Honda is also adding new tires. General Grabber all-terrain tires should give the Passport better traction when you're driving off the pavement. They also have more sidewall for protection from trail debris and comfort. The wheels are pushed out 10 mm, which should increase stability marginally.

The torque vectoring AWD system is found on every Passport. It can send up to 70 per cent of engine torque to the rear and can send 100 per cent of that figure to the left or right rear tire based on driving conditions.

The Black Edition brings the dark trim package found on Honda's other crossovers to the Pilot. It has black painted wheels, a black grille, headlight trim, and door handles, as well as Black Edition badging. In the cabin, it has ventilated front seats, and Honda adds red contrast stitching around the cabin.

Every 2024 Honda Passport gets a new centre console. Honda says it is wider and has a larger new armrest. It also has more storage and is large enough to hold a full-size tablet in the centre bin. The tray in front of the shifter can now hold a pair of smartphones side by side.

Expect the 2024 Honda Passport to hit dealers this winter. Honda did not announce pricing, but it will likely climb slightly from the $47,090 starting price for 2023.