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Infiniti Confirms QX55 and Future EV Plans

Infiniti is providing a closer look at its future with a promise to bring five new vehicles in the next three years, starting with an all-new QX55, a coupe-styled compact crossover, which will be followed by a new QX60 and three new production vehicles based on recent concepts.

QX55 – Sports Car Styling

Shown to journalists at an event commemorating the 30th anniversary of the Japanese luxury brand, Infiniti confirmed that the QX55 will be fully revealed next year and will complement the QX50 in many ways.

While it uses the same platform and likely the same powertrain as the QX50, the side profile is more coupe-like, and shares some design DNA with the iconic Infiniti FX45 – that is to say, the vehicle looks like a sports car, with a long hood and a truncated rear end, riding on large, 20-inch wheels. However, Infiniti executives on site were adamant that the QX55 would have a surprising amount of headroom. We should expect the interior to follow in the class-leading footsteps of the QX50 as well. The front end was inspired by the sporty Q60 Back S concept that first debuted a few years ago, demonstrating Infiniti’s ultra-sporty design language.

Following the new QX55, Infiniti will bring a new QX60 to market as well, a much-needed update for the brand’s most successful product. Expect the QX60 to feature an interior that’s closer to the QX50 in terms of luxurious materials and layout. The exterior will be dramatically different too, with the QX60 looking less like a minivan and more like a bold SUV. A two-tone roof will be offered on the new QX60, a unique choice in this segment, as Infiniti looks to be a style leader in the segment.

Pure Electric and “Gas-Generated” EVs

The next three vehicles coming are production versions of the Q Inspiration, QX Inspiration and QS inspiration. So expect a flagship sedan, a flagship crossover, and an additional sedan to hit the roads next.

Infiniti also explained its powertrain strategy for these three vehicles, a unique vision that will see the automaker offering a single platform with two powertrains. Both powertrains will utilize dual-motor setups for all-wheel drive, but one is a pure EV with a high-capacity battery. The automaker is targeting a range of 500 miles. The other powertrain uses a small battery – 3.5 to 5.1 kWh – that powers the two electric motors, and is constantly fed power via a turbocharged 1.5-litre three-cylinder variable-compression engine. It is kind of like a range extender, except the gas engine is always on and powering the electric motors. There is no connection between the gas motor and the wheels. This setup is designed for customers who appreciate the driving experience of an electric car but are worried about range. This is similar to Nissan’s E-Power, which is smoother than a traditional hybrid and feels more like an electric vehicle.

Infiniti says that this gas-generated EV will bridge the gap between conventional gas-powered vehicles and EVs, bringing the performance of an electric car with the convenience of a gas-powered vehicle. The company also claims these vehicles will be smoother and quieter than hybrids or gas-powered cars, thanks to the use of unique motor mounts and active noise cancellation. It will feature a 0–100 km/h time of about 4.5 seconds.

It’s been a transitionary period for Infiniti, as it finds itself with a new leader, but the road ahead looks clear, with the brand bringing plenty of innovation and style in the near future.