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Aston Martin Shows Renderings of Stunning DBS GT Zagato

Aston Martin has just revealed renderings of one of its latest low-volume but high-gorgeous specials. The DBS GT Zagato is limited to just 19 examples but each one will come with another car: a DB4 GT Zagato Continuation.

The DBS Zagato is, not surprisingly, based on the DBS. In this case the Superleggera version. The coach-built cars are half of the DBZ Centenary Collection, a celebration of 100 years of Zagato. Though the Zagato and Aston Martin partnership is practically a youngster, at just under 60 years old.

The standard Superleggera uses a 5.2L twin-turbo V12 with 715 hp and 663 lb-ft of torque. Aston isn't saying what the GT Zagato will produce, but it's likely that it will be a version of that same engine.

It's a sleek-looking car that's inspired by the other half of the collection. It wears Zagato styling trademarks like the double-bubble roof and the Aston signature front grille.

Inspiration for the DBS GT Zagato comes from the DB4 GT Zagato. That car was built in the 1960s to look good and win races. It did both. Aston Martin is building 19 "continuation" cars that re-create the vintage model with the same styling but some modern engineering underneath.

The cars, sold as the DBZ Century Collection will come as pairs. For £6 million – about C$10.6 million – you get one old and one new. Nineteen pairs will be built, with deliveries of the DB4 to start at the end of the year, with the DBS arriving a year later.