What is Privacy Shield?

Privacy Shield is a secure and anonymous communication platform developed by Privatis Technology Corporation.  Privacy Shield facilitates the interaction between sellers and buyers by assigning new telephone number and email address to "mask" or make anonymous the seller's personal contact information.

Privacy Shield protects you from fraud and telemarketer harassment when selling your vehicle and communicating with potential buyers. Privacy Shield allows the seller to manage calls and emails, block unwanted contacts, and manage the selling process from the Messages Tab in MyGarage on autoTRADER.ca

What does Privacy Shield do for you?

  • Provides a unique Privacy Email address and a unique Privacy Phone number
  • Provides active call blocking tools to filter out Spam and Fraudsters
  • Allows you to return calls privately with a single click for safe and easy communication
  • Allows you to listen to voice messages from MyGarage and play back your conversations with the buyers
  • Allows you to block unwanted contacts through personal controls
  • Provides the ability to take and create and save notes on each call to assist with the selling experience