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2012 Chevrolet Volt Electric

by wainair on 12-27-2012
The Volt spoils you for all other cars!
I've owned a Volt for 1-1/2 years now and I would be hard pressed to replace it with a nicer car to drive. Finally a car with amazing mileage that is not a dog to drive. If your commute is less than 100 km's per day this is the perfect car. If you need to go further just let the car do it's thing and burn some gas. The seats are firm and comfortable and the interior is well put together. I have had Zero problems with the car. I will go in in September for my 2 year oil change. That will be the first service for the car. I run snow tires in the winter so I rotate my own tires. The electric drive is near silent and powerful. The Brake rotors are a special alloy so they won't rot off the car in 2 years like most cars on the road. This is done because the car has electric regenerative braking that puts power back into the battery minimizing the use of the friction brakes. I only gave it a 4 in performance because I wish the battery could get another 25km's of range. As it is now I can get 95km EV range in the summer and 65km range in the winter on average. When the EV range is used up the generator comes on seamlessly and powers the electric drive motors. Then you just drive the car like any other car on the road. My commute is 55km each way of mixed driving. My average tank of gas in the winter is 1500km and in the summer my tank of gas was 7882kms on a 31L fill-up. Sorry it wasn't an average for the summer tank but I only used one tank this past summer! The car is heavy so it is great in the snow. Slush does not pull you around in this car. You get no wind buffet from trucks. This car is firmly planted on the road but still has plenty of pick up. It is no dog.

The only thing that would get me out of my Volt is a full EV with a 300+ mile range or another EREV like the Volt with double the EV range of the Volt. Until that happens, in a car I can afford, the Volt is the only car on the road for me!!
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