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2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport

Trim: Limited
by Paul4300 on 03-13-2016
Best value for the money
After viewing multiple new and slightly used vehicles, and an intensive research phase between this vehicle and the Ford Edge, the Sante Fe Sport won out impressively. For me it came down to features and affordability. It seemed that to get to a comfortable payment I kept having to step down in the Edge while in the Hyundai I was able to step up to better models for less money.

I drive for long periods for work and in the first month I have put on 3,000 kms and it is very comfortable for the long hauls. The 2.0T has plenty of pep for my needs for both city and highway, with extra left in the tank for passing on the highway. So far, I am getting 25 mpg highway and 21 mpg combined (with more highway miles driven so far) on a brand new motor (26 kms on the vehicle when purchased) so I am thinking once it is broken in that may get better but we shall see. The cabin is very quiet even at highway speeds and spacious, and the handling is great even though I have seen some reviews claiming it is a stiff ride. I have also seen some mention that the rear sight lines are not good, but I have found them similar to the Edge and not an issue at all. My Adventure Package came with 2-way remote start, a tow package, and the rubberized and fitted insert mats which I highly recommend if you live in an area with snow or excessive wet weather. They have saved my carpet from an early spring so far and I am glad I have them. On top of the affordability, I was also happy to get the full 5 year - 100,000 km warranty where in a Ford it would have been 3 year - 60,000 km.

Still happy after a month and still loving the new car feel. No buyers remorse here at all!
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