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2008 Mitsubishi Outlander

by Outlander6345 on 08-16-2015
Love my Outlander
I have owned my 2008 Outlander since new and aside from road abrasion on the front of the rear fenders, I have not had a single problem after 160,000 KM. It is the most reliable and most capable car I have ever owned, and I have owned many cars. The 2.4 l engine with its variable valve timing is quite adequate and the CVT transmission is smooth and accurate. Living in BC, I downshift often to control the speed and it handles it easily. Last year I was getting nervous having not replaced the brake pads ever. I did the replacement but I needn't have as the old pads still had tons of material. Mileage is good with 9l/100 city and 8l/100 HW. I love the ability to select FWD, 4WD, and 4WD locked diff. AWC works great too if I get on ice or any other slick surface. ABS also works well. I am always impressed by the smooth ride, the quiet cabin and the great sounding sound system. Cargo room is outstanding and even better with the rear seats down. The split tailgate is very handy for heavy items although I notice MIT has discontinued this on newer versions. Unfortunate. If I were to buy another car, it would be an Outlander, but I love this car so much that won't happen anytime soon. If you find a nice one, buy it. You won't be sorry.
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