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2006 Subaru Legacy

Trim: 2.5i
by Mojojosback on 11-10-2016
Lots to like, but quirky in some areas.
Great car for the following reasons:

AWD is fantastic. This is real AWD using same TORSEN technology as Quattro, 4Matic and X-Drive. NOT THE SAME AS 4MOTION - much better! Great Winter car.

Heated front seats. Again, great Winter car.

Seats and cockpit layout is ergonomic and seats are hard and conform well. Good quality interior look-and-feel.

Really good headlights.

With suspension upgrade by way of Bilstein dampers and a Spec.B component, as well as good HP tires this car handles like its on rails and is relaxing and fun to drive Otherwise ho-hum.

Lots of good aftermarket parts and components to make this car yours.

Overall reliability is really good except for engine head-gasket issues (see below), which brings my rating down.

This car has some challenges in the following areas:

Standard suspension is not quite right - bit too soft and therefore porpoises, dives and squats due to short wheelbase. Can be easily remedied using some Spec. B components.

Gas economy is just OK - but to be expected with older engine design and AWDs weight and components. Needs a 6th speed and DOHC as standard.

This engine has well documented head-gasket issues at approx. 100K miles, and is prevalent on all Subaru models with this particular engine type. Can lead to engine failure at worst, and head-gasket replacement at best. This is no longer an issue with latest Impreza and Legacy models, and Foresters post-2010.
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