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2010 GMC Terrain

Trim: Silver exterior black interior
by Malki on 02-23-2017
This was my first SUV and I loved it!
We bought a 2010 SLT 1 Terrain in 2014 at dealership and it had 90K on it. It was everything I thought it would be and more! The styling of car, comfort, durability, interior space, drive, gas savings. We took it out on alot of roadtrips over 3 years and it really out performed my expectations. Unfortunately we recently lost it in an accident as we were hit by another car but interestingly enough my husband walked away from it unscathed. The car absorbed the total impact which was on the driver's side and left the inside intact although the car was deemed a loss after accident. In my mind it continued to perform well as a result of this. We now just purchased another older Terrain but an SLT2 for a great price and although will miss the old Terrain we had, we are looking forward to getting back on the road with the newer (older one)! I highly recommend looking around for older ones with mileage under 150K and the SLT models. The deals are really half of retail with newest ones and you still get a great SUV. Any downsides? Maybe the trunk space and GM usually has alot of minor recalls that has you going in for servicing but overall it was good to have the car checked regularly.
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