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2012 Volkswagen GTI

Trim: GTI Leather Sunroof 6spd Manual
by Luke1141 on 12-02-2013
Buckets of fun and practical too!
I gave this car a perfect 5/5 for a very good reason. I can't find anything wrong with it!

Its spacious, drives like it was meant to be on the Autobahn, barely sips from the fuel tank, all while being absolutely beautiful. One of my favourite features of this car is the KESSY system. (keyless entry) I don't even have to take the key out of my pocket to unlock the car, its the little things like this that VW pays attention to that make driving a GTI such a joy!

I haven't had any complaints with it since I purchased it, no strange noises, nothing to be repaired, it just runs smooth. I really took my time to break in the engine too, I treated it with respect and purchased the 5 year extended warranty because I fully intended on driving it for the next 5-10 years. Its really going to make me sad to see this car go. If I didn't get a new job that required a pickup truck I definitely would not be selling it!

The hatch back is unbelievably practical, it goes from being a 4 door 5 seater to a cargo space that rivals most SUV's on the market. I can't say enough great things about this VW. Even the interior quality is on par with Audi. If you sit in the GTI and compare it to an Audi A6 sedan, the dash fit and finish rivals its bigger brother.

If you're looking for a car that will do it all, this is the car for you. Its quick and nimble, comfortable and stylish, fuel savvy and functional! Volkswagen has been making the GTI for 6 generations, it is an icon of German engineering, and has shaped the way we look at hatchbacks today.
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