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2003 BMW Z4

Trim: 3.0L
by IH8HapyBrakers on 02-23-2014
2003 Z4 Roadster 3.0L If you love to drive.....
I can agree and relate to the comments from others here. Except for the tiny trunk one. It's unbelievable what I've managed to fit in this trunk and if that fails I could always drop the top for bigger items like 2x4x8 (Only once or twice).

I've driven this car for 8 years, almost 200k. I like to drive track and for distance (Halifax from Toronto straight through 14 hours and back the same way). The handling and weight of this ride is the best of BMW engineering, the pick up off the line can snap your head back and with the top down all summer the visibility is go-cart like. In sport mode you can pass easily, which is great for the drives up north. Not bad at the pumps, just not a hybrid. Good in the rain with the DCL feature, amazing with snow tires (hold down the DSL for full traction control). With the proper maintenance, I never had any major repair issues with the car. Just stay ahead of repairs by checking the fluids, tires and brakes every 3-6 months addressing any needs that come up and this car will put a smile on your face every time.

Not recommended for those who don't want to be connected to the road, get uncomfortable with strangers saying nice car all the time, Babies (Newborns that is - My wife added that one, but it can work with the easy airbag shut off and seat ready features, I'm losing this battle without one accident ever), and those over 250 lbs or over 6'2".

If you can get one its a great commuter and makes you want to keep driving. Drive with care as good drivers are rare.
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