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2007 Lincoln Navigator

Trim: lots of chrome
by Countrylane on 01-23-2013
Best Ride Ever
We own a 2007 Navigator. It has not given us any trouble whatsoever. Beautiful ride! The only thing that it has a problem with is the automatic running boards. We live in the country and the muddy roads and also snow, jam them up and so they do not operate properly in those condtions. The navigation system quit working this winter. It is the most comfortable vehicle we have ever had and the third row seating is comfortable enough for an adult to make a long trip and not feel too cramped. We went to Minneapolis with 8 adults and had enough room. Luggage space is the only drawback. We can either take a full load of passengers and everyone packs light or we can take 5 passengers, fold the third row seating down and have plenty of storage. Barely room for a small cooler behind the third row. However, since you have the option of putting only one of the seats on the third row down, it is somewhat flexible in that way. Hands down the only vehicle I ever want to own...only thing missing from what I had before is the Onstar option....do miss my car phone...since I forget my cell phone often!
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