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2008 Audi A4

Trim: Quattro SL
by Allison2019 on 06-19-2019
Beware of Audi
I purchased a 2 year old Audi A4 in 2010, which was Certified Pre-Owned, and an extended warranty, so all in cost was 36K. I have put the highest grade of gas in this car since I got it, and have had oil changes every 5,000K as my mechanic recommended, NOT every 15,000K as Audi recommends. As soon as the warranty expired, the car started burning oil, since then I've had to replace the head gasket, multiple ball joints, the AC unit, fuel pump, the clutch, had exhaust system issues, and now the transmission needs replacing cause I've lost third gear! On top of regular maintenance, and all at a premium cost of course, because the cost o maintenance and repairs on these vehicles is ridiculous! I was told these cars easily run to 300K, mine is at 223K and now have to decide whether to spend thousands more to replace the tranny, or get nothing for it on a trade in! This is supposed to be a high end vehicle, but it's a piece of junk! After reporting this to Audi Canada, they offered me a $750.00 credit towards the purchase of a new vehicle, hahaha. A drop in the bucket compared to the $$$$$$$$ I've spent of this piece of crap car! Unless you are very wealthy and have money to burn, think long and hard about purchasing an Audi!
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