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Last year, Porsche gave the Boxster a big refresh. It got a new name, revised styling, and more power. But in becoming the 718, the Boxster did lose one thing. Make that two things. The flat-six engines were dropped for turbocharged fours.

The 2.0L in the standard car now made 300 hp and the 2.5L in the S put out 350 hp. Hardly numbers to sneeze at, and the car still offered Porsche performance. It just gained a little fuel economy to go with it.

For 2018, the big change is a new model. Porsche manages to make more trim levels and special models of the same car than anyone else, and the 718 Boxster is no different. The GTS is back for 2018 and it adds 15 hp to the 718 S. That brings the total to 365, which is 35 more than the last GTS.

The GTS also gets a mechanical-lock rear differential, Porsche Torque Vectoring, and Active Suspension Management as standard. All options on the lesser cars that make the GTS the quickest, and possibly the best bargain.

All 718 models get a six-speed manual as standard with a seven-speed PDK dual-clutch automatic optional.

The 718 cars have an extensive options list. There are 21 different interiors to pick from on the base car, and that's before you start adding special trim choices to the mix. There are four seat options, four Premium Packages, and enough options on the list to keep you second-guessing your choices for weeks. But that's an important thing to keep in mind. Just about everything is optional, meaning that a true base car can be somewhat sparsely equipped. Even Apple CarPlay is part of a $1,960 option pack.

But none of that matters when you're behind the wheel. The 718 cars offer near perfect mid-engine balance and handling. With the added benefit of an open roof.

The 718 has an impressively solid structure, lightning sharp handling, a wonderful seating position with excellent visibility, and excellent ergonomics for the controls. Plus a precise shifter and a clutch that speaks to you if you choose the three-pedal option.

Despite the mid-engine layout, the twin-trunks offer surprising cargo capacity. The base car is rated for 9.8 L/100 km in combined driving, which is impressive for a car this quick. That makes the 718 Boxster a delight to drive, even every day. The 2.0L is rated at 10.5 L/100 km city, 8.0 highway with the PDK, 11.0/8.3 with the manual. The S gets 11.0/8.4 and 12.1/9.0, and the GTS is rated at 11.8/9.2, 12.3/9.4.

2018 Porsche 718 Boxster Specifications

There are 3 available trims for this model. View a specific trim for more precise information.
From $93,000 MSRP
Fuel Economy City/HWY combined
365 hp @6500 rpm
Number of seats 2
Drivetrain Rear Wheel Drive
Body style Coupe
Trim MSRP Number of seats Body style
Trim Horse Power Torque Transmission Drivetrain
Trim Length Body Width Body Height Wheelbase
Trim AUX Input Satellite Radio MP3 Play Bluetooth Connect
Trim Standard Seat Trim Heated Front Seats Heated Rear Seats Power Driver Seats
Trim Traction Stability Brake Assist ABS Blind Spot Sensor
Trim Back Up Camera Parking Distance Sensors AC Power Windows Navigation
Roadster $65,100 2 Coupe
Roadster 300 hp @6500 rpm 280 ft-lb @1950 rpm 7-Speed A/T Rear Wheel Drive
Roadster 172.4" 70.9" 50.6" 97.4"
Roadster N/A
S Roadster $79,200 2 Coupe
S Roadster 350 hp @6500 rpm 309 ft-lb @1900 rpm 7-Speed A/T Rear Wheel Drive
S Roadster 172.4" 70.9" 49.6" 97.4"
S Roadster
S Roadster N/A
S Roadster
S Roadster
GTS Roadster $93,000 2 Coupe
GTS Roadster 365 hp @6500 rpm 309 ft-lb @1950 rpm 7-Speed A/T Rear Wheel Drive
GTS Roadster 173" 70.9" 49.6" 97.4"
GTS Roadster
GTS Roadster N/A
GTS Roadster
GTS Roadster

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