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Toyota's Making Camry and Avalon All-Wheel Drive

Extra traction Toyotas

November 13 2019
Road Trip: A Heritage Tour of Manitoba

Canada’s heart forms a crossroads with history.

November 13 2019
Electric Mini SE Arriving Early Next Year for Under $40k

It should have about 200 km of driving range.

November 13 2019
Fiat Chrysler 4XE Trademark May Hint At Hybrid 4x4s

It's likely for Jeep.

November 12 2019
2020 Jeep Wrangler Diesel Arriving Soon

Jeep says it will be more fuel efficient than the mild-hybrid version.

November 12 2019
10 Winter Driving Myths – Busted

Don’t let these common misconceptions spin you out.

November 12 2019
2020 Honda CR-V Gets Facelift, Price Hike, No Hybrid for Canada

The most expensive version of the popular CR-V is $42,590.

November 08 2019
October Price Index Results Released

Data shows steady growth for new car pricing

November 07 2019
Bugatti Atlantic Trademarked, Could it Mean a New Supercar?

Bugatti is still interested in the vintage Atlantic name, it seems.

November 06 2019
Hardcore BMW M2 CS Revealed with 450 HP

Carbon and bits from big bro

November 06 2019
Infiniti Confirms QX55 and Future EV Plans

Five new vehicles by 2022

November 04 2019
Electric VW Crossover Coming to Canada in Early 2021

The VW e-Golf will be discontinued to make way for the new electric crossover.

October 31 2019
Why All-Wheel Drive Isn’t an Excuse to Opt Out of Winter Tires

Think you don't need winter tires? Think again.

October 31 2019

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