Toyota wins Back to the Future day

Someone had to do it, right? Surely, with all the media boffins and advertising gurus floating about in the world someone was going to find a way to riff on Back to the Future day...

Well, everyone else can stop trying because Toyota just won the day with a five-minute spot.
It draws a fairly long bow by tieing the Mirai fuel-cell vehicle to the Mr Fusion-powered Delorean. Once you get past that - and you should - this is a perfectly executed bit of marketing that enhances the day with a homage to what is, frankly, the greatest trilogy of all time*.

There are some obvious references to key moments in the film and even a souped-up Tacoma (a modern one though) in reference to the one Marty McFly gets as his reward at the end of the first film.

*Star Wars is no longer a trilogy**.
**Mad Max is also not a trilogy.

Toyota Mirai as a Delorean in this Back to the Future homage. 10/21/2015 1:08:14 PM