Video Shows Toronto Stunt Drivers Hitting New Extremes

Street racing in the Toronto area reached a new extreme over the weekend. Reports and a video show what looks like a group of people making a flaming circle of burning gasoline before starting vehicle stunts inside the flaming circle and then damaging responding police vehicles.

The clip, posted to Twitter, shows a large circle of fire in the middle of an intersection. Police confirmed, reports 680 News, that the intersection was McNicoll Avenue and Placer Court in the region of North York.

In the clip, you can see a passenger hanging out the window of what looks like a Nissan 370Z while the car does donuts inside the flaming circle. It then shows a large group of people crowding around a police car that responded to the scene. There are people in the middle of the circle of fire with the donut drifting sports car, making the situation even more dangerous.

The report says Toronto Police responded to calls of a large group "engaging in stunt driving, discharging fireworks and other prohibited activities." When police officers arrived, the crowd allegedly turned hostile and began jumping on police vehicles and causing extensive damage. While officers were able to disperse the crowd, police said that the stunting and racing activities resumed in other locations.

Investigators said that charges have been laid in connection to this event, but did not say how many are under investigation or the charges involved in the situation.


Video shows drivers doing donuts inside a ring of fire. 4/5/2021 6:00:58 PM