The Ontario Provincial Police have charged the driver of a rented moving truck with careless driving after he crashed the truck into a house in Northern Ontario.

In dashcam video captured by a driver following the Penske rental, the truck is shown veering onto the right-hand shoulder of Highway 64 in Alban, south of Sudbury, before entering the ditch. It then vaults up onto a driveway to land with its rear wheels on the second-storey roof of the house.

The truck also hits the power lines running along the road; watch the space just above the house and you'll see electricity arcing from the wires.

The cammer wisely stops, seeing the potential for many things to happen that, thankfully, don't: the truck remains parked partly on the house and while the truck takes out a power pole and some lines, the neighbouring poles remain upright.

According to the CBC, the OPP is not releasing the driver's name, but they told the news outlet they suspect distracted driving as the cause of the crash. The driver and his passenger and the owners of the house (who were at home but not inside at the time) were uninjured.

Watch the dramatic video below: