Toronto Road Rager Rages at Wrong Car

We all get frustrated when the car in front is going too slowly. And nobody likes being the victim of road rage. But what happens when you weren't the car in front and you end up the victim of a road rager anyway? Well, something like this video, recorded on dashcam in Scarborough, ON.

The cammer, who recorded this video late last week, is driving down Conlins road. They're behind a driver in a Honda Odyssey who looks to be going slowly, but not much more slowly than the 50 km/h posted limit.

The driver of a white Acura TL, behind the dashcammer, decides that they've had enough of going slowly. So, naturally, they decide to pass both the camera car and the lead vehicle. In the bike lane. Of course, in Ontario, they could have legally passed on the left since this doesn't appear to be near a corner, hill, or other obstruction. Or waited 30 more seconds for the van to turn left.

The clip, posted to Reddit, skips ahead slightly, to about a kilometre away on Sheppard Ave East. The Acura is in front of the camera vehicle and for seemingly no reason blocks them and slams on the brakes repeatedly.

What did the poster do? It's not on camera, but the thread suggests that the horn was used when the Acura forced the camera vehicle to do a quick braking manoeuvre.

So what do you do when you're the victim of a road rager – who doesn't seem to be afraid to use their car as a weapon?

  • If you can get the licence plate, do so; but don't get too close to do it.
  • Call local police. And yes, this is a real emergency.
  • Turn around if you can. While the rager clearly doesn't value their own time, hopefully they aren't so mad that they'll come after you.
  • Then drive to a busy area. Directly to a police station if you can, but any business with moderate traffic. Places like a well-lit gas station or big box store will be loaded with cameras. Especially near the doors.
  • Try to park in a space where you can get out forward or in reverse so if they do follow you, you can get out of the space.
  • And don't get out of your car. Lock the doors. Your vehicle will offer some protection.
  • Even if it's after the fact, you can still report the road rager to police. They can still investigate.

And once the road rager is gone, take a minute. Relax. Let that fight or flight adrenaline pass before you finish your trip. It's normal to be shaken after dealing with a driver like the one in this clip.

More bad driving 8/6/2019 1:20:00 PM