Fresh off the announcement that Ford will be expanding the F-150 trims that get the diesel engine, Chevrolet has announced that the 2020 version of their Silverado full-size truck is getting some diesel tech of its own, in the form of a 277 hp, 460 lb-ft 3.0 L inline-six cylinder turbo diesel. The diesel is the latest addition to the Silverado’s six engine choices, and is more powerful than Ford's offering.

Chief among the innovation brought by the new diesel is the use of an aluminum block and cylinder head, as well the cylinder heads and crankcase, ceramic glow plugs, and active thermal management on hand to enhance efficiency during cold starts. Always a sticking point for diesel engines. Chevrolet says the Duramax can achieve unassisted starts in -30C temperatures, and block heater-assisted starts in -40 degree temps.

For better power delivery, a liquid-cooled variable-geometry turbocharger has been added, as well as a water charge air cooler and low pressure exhaust gas recirculation (EGR). What the latter does is reduce exhaust back pressure in order to provide better efficiency without, Chevrolet says, emitting any more dirt exhaust particles into the air.

An auto stop/start system has also been fitted to the Duramax diesel in yet another nod to more efficiency, which, of course, is a big motivator in choosing a diesel powerplant. That, and added torque of course.

Watch pricing closer to the arrival of the 2020 Silverado at dealerships later this year.