2020 Chevrolet Camaro Updates

Chevrolet is giving the Camaro SS a facelift for 2020 by adding a new nose based on a concept from last year. The performance car is also getting the 10-speed auto on more engines and a V8 option on a lower trim car.

The Camaro got a new nose for the 2019 model year, and it wasn't exactly well received, especially the SS version. So last October, Chevy showed off the Camaro Shock at the SEMA show following some much needed rhinoplasty. The SS is essentially getting that show car nose for 2020. The most obvious changes are the black bar of 2019 now being body colour-matched and the bowtie being moved to the mesh instead of the bar. The rest of the cars keep the same face as last year.

That doesn't mean that non-SS cars don't see any love, though. They get some significant additions, the first being the 10-speed auto included 3.6L V6-powered cars. Last year, that engine came with an eight-speed auto. 2.0 L turbocharged cars continue with the eight-speed, and both will continue to have six-speed manual options.

The LT model's biggest change, though, is the addition of a V8 option, so buyers will be able to get a 1LT trim with an LT1 engine. It's the same 455 hp, 455 lb-ft 6.2 L V8 as the SS with the design and equipment of the LT trim. Chevrolet says it'll be the most affordable Camaro V8, but hasn't yet released pricing.

Other new options include Recaro performance seats that were previously only available on the high-performance 1LE but are now available on LT, with the 1LE's microfibre wheel and shifter also now an option on LT and SS.

The 2020 Camaro goes on sale this fall with pricing to be announced soon.

More V8, less cash 5/2/2019 3:31:07 PM