QX Inspiration Brings Future Infiniti Styling

Before bringing it to the North American International Auto Show in Detroit next week, Infiniti is giving us a little inspiration. The QX Inspiration, that is. A look at what the company has planned for the styling of its upcoming SUVs.

The automaker says that this vehicle represents what it plans for upcoming high-performance electrified models. Which is why instead of a conventional grille, it has a framed marker to display its name in bold letters. Instead of mesh, or slats, or an old-style nose.

Infiniti isn't saying what this will offer for range. Or what it will offer in the way of horsepower. But this is a concept – and just a tease of one at this point – which means that those things don't matter. Though the company does say that it will offer "complete range confidence".

What matters is the shape. And the style. And this concept offers plenty of both, with what appears to be a two-door shape, though is really a four-door coupe body in disguise. We see you, rear door seams. It also boasts suitably massive concept-car wheels and large dark arches to tell you it's all-road capable. Whether it is or not is yet to be seen, of course.

On the inside, which is yet to be revealed, Infiniti says that the QX Inspiration offers a spacious lounge-like passenger area. Hand-crafted, using "traditional techniques and a choice of materials inspired by a subtle Japanese sensuality". The automaker says it is a welcoming environment that connects occupants to the world.

The concept will be revealed on the 14th at the Detroit auto show, where we'll get to see the whole thing. And, Infiniti hopes, find some Inspiration. Maybe they should have saved it two weeks for the Chicago show?

High-performance electrified concept 1/7/2019 8:56:35 PM