Find of the Week: Near Million-Km 2011 Ford F-250

Normally it takes many years and a whole lot of time – plus a tanker full of fuel – to see an odometer roll over a million kilometres. But this week's Find of the Week gives you a bit of an easy button: a vehicle that's already almost there. It's an F-250 pickup with nearly 987,000 km on the odometer. And no, that's not a typo.

Yes, 987,000 km. That's the distance from the earth to the moon. And back. And then almost there again. It's how far the earth travels in three seconds. it's 25 times around the equator. It's St. John's to Vancouver nearly 140 times. It's a long distance. And an odometer number that most vehicles could never even imagine seeing. Especially one that spent much time in a Canadian winter. But here it is, a truck that's managed to nearly roll a six-digit odometer. So how did it do it?

Well, the fifth-wheel hitch in the bed might give you a bit of a clue. This truck was used for towing. Based on the Indiana service records, RV trailers. Because for some reason, all of the US RV factories are in Indiana.

It takes a lot of maintenance to keep a vehicle running for this many kilometres. And this one comes with a vehicle history report that helps paint a picture of just what it takes to rack up these figures.

It started in August of 2010, and by early 2013, 200,000 km was on the table. Look at the service records bouncing between Ontario, Indiana, Florida, and Texas. The truck was eating up highways. The 200,000-mile mark was hit by the end of 2013, and 400,000 km was met in 2014. The pace picked up a bit after that and now here were are. The end of 2018 and just shy of the million kilometres.

The truck itself might not be overly interesting, but it is clearly a reliable workhorse. It's a 2011 Ford F-250 pickup. With a crew cab and a short box, in Lariat trim. The 2011 was the first year for this body style truck, the third-generation of Ford's Super Duty line.

It's the diesel option, which probably isn't much of a surprise to truck buyers. That means a 6.7L turbo V8 with 400 hp and 735 lb-ft of torque. Putting that power to the road is a six-speed automatic transmission.

The real surprise of this truck might be just how clean it looks. In the photos, at least. The paint still gleams, and even the leather of the driver's seat is in good-looking shape. We've certainly seen worse on much lower-mile vehicles.

But when you're all but living in your truck, you probably take better care of it. And when you've run somewhere in the neighbourhood of 157,000 litres of diesel through the tank, what's a few more dollars for a car wash and some leather care?

It's a tempting proposition if you're a Ford fan and want to show off your own million-mile (ok, million km) pickup. And brag to your Dodge and GM friends. Or if you just want a diesel pickup to keep hauling stuff around. Or maybe you want to make a run at another million. After all, there's a Volvo with more than five million km on the clock, and you can't let a Volvo do more distance than a pickup, can you? This hauler is for sale in Guelph, ON, and it's our Find of the Week.

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