Hot Wings: Ford GT Recalled Over Fire Risk

The Ford GT supercar comes with a pretty sweet movable rear wing. It can go up for more downforce, down for less drag, and move all about to show off at Cars and Coffee. But Ford is recalling the GT because that hot rear wing can end up catching fire.

This is far from the biggest recall we've ever covered, but it's one of the most notable. Transport Canada says that on certain Ford GTs, 18 of them in Canada from the recall, a fire could start as a result of the rear wing hydraulics.

The hydraulic fluid could leak from the rear wing's valve block assembly. That's because excessive pressures can occur. If the fluid leaks, it could end up on the exhaust. If that happens, and the exhaust is hot, well then it could end up in a fire. As the recall says, that could cause injury or damage to property.

It's a straightforward fix, though. Dealers will update the dynamics control module with new software that eliminates the possibility of excessive pressure. The dealer will also look to see if the GT was fitted with a hydraulic check valve. If it wasn't they'll add a valve and filter along with some new O-rings if needed.

So if you're one of the lucky GT owners in Canada, and you haven't yet put your car away for the winter, then good for you! But watch out for that recall notice in the mail. Or your hot Ford could get even hotter.

Active aero aflame! 10/16/2018 4:04:14 PM