Aston Announces Two New Cars, And Return of a Classic

Aston Martin has just confirmed that it will be building a new mid-engined hypercar, the company's third. It's also announcing a new ultra-limited model that will only be sold in pairs with a piece of the company's past.

The new hypercar has been codenamed, imaginatively, Project 003. The upcoming Valkyrie is 001 and the Valkyrie AMR Pro is 002.

Along with the announcement comes a sketch, but like the initial Valkyrie sketches, this one looks more futuristic space machine than monstrously fast road car. It will be built around a lightweight structure and will be powered by a gas-electric hybrid system. Likely related to the Valkyrie's 6.5L V12 that has been planned to produce somewhere north of 1,000 hp.

But unlike the Valkyrie, the 003 is being engineered with "more practical concessions to road use." Things like luggage space, and comfort. Aston says it will have class-leading dynamics on road and track, but this one might be a little more friendly on the way to that track.

The other pairing is a bit of something old and something new. Aston Martin will be once again partnering with coachbuilder Zagato to celebrate that company's centenary. They'll be building a track-only continuation series of the DB4 GT Zagato. That's a 1960s racer built to win sports car titles. It also happens to be exceedingly gorgeous. They'll be packed with a 380-hp inline six powering the rear wheels through a four-speed manual. The cars will be largely as-original, based on original plans and 3D scanning, but will have "sympathetically" added modern engineering.

At the time, 19 of the sports cars were built, so that's how many continuation cars they'll build now. And Zagato will also be responsible for the other half of the pairing.

The new DBS GT Zagato will be a Zagato creation based on the DBS. The sketch revealed shows a Zagato-trademark double bubble roof, an extremely aggressive nose, and a very angry visage, but little else. Aston says that it will also have "a dramatically truncated tail." This one will be road-legal.

The two Zagatos will be sold as the DBZ Century Collection. There will be just 19 of each car, and they'll only be sold as a pair. One old, one new. Deliveries are set to start at the end of next year for the DB4 and a year later for the DBS GT. Prices start at around C$10.2 million. Plus tax. Just 500 of the Project 003 will be sold, starting in 2021.

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