Ferrari's new CEO told investors yesterday about the company's plans for the next few years. 15 new models by 2022, more electrification, and a slight push back on the arrival of the supercar maker's first SUV. But there are still some V12 monsters on the way.

The company's new CEO, Louis Camilleri, detailed the plan to investors earlier today.

The first Ferrari SUV gets a name now, too. Purosangue, or thoroughbred, though brand purists might raise an eyebrow to that choice. It's not set to arrive to market by 2022, which is a bit of a pushback from the 2020 target former CEO Sergio Marchionne gave earlier this year. Camilleri made an effort to temper the reception of the first SUV to wear the prancing horse, saying that "I abhor hearing SUV in the same sentence as Ferrari," adding that "having now seen the wonderful design and the extraordinary features, I am a hugely enthusiastic supporter."

That's just one of the 15 new models expected over the next few years. The company is expecting that by 2022, 60 percent of its production vehicles will have hybridization of some sort. There will also be smaller V6 engines. Both are necessary to meet tightening fuel economy and emissions regulations, but don't expect the company to give up on horsepower just yet.

Or the V12, for that matter. The company gave special buyers a sneak preview of a new carbon-fibre, V12-powered 812 hp monster yesterday. The Monza will be an ultra-rare flagship car that will come in one or two-seat versions. Expect a real look at it at the Paris show next month. Development of V12 Ferraris will continue.

The company will add a second-tier of mid-rear engine offerings. The first tier is the 488 and its successors. The second will be a new and higher performance model that sits above that car. Ferrari says it will deliver supercar performance as opposed to the sports car performance of the 488. The Gran Turismo range, like the 812 Superfast, will be brought "back to its origins" and the company says it will be significantly expanded to widen the company's customer base. They also said that there will be a new "elegant" GT, with a look inspired by the Gran Turismos of the 1950s and 1960s.

New flagship and one-off models will be offered, or customers will be able to reach out to the company to commission their own one-off, limited to two or three per year, or various grades of tailor-made cars through an expanded customization process.

The company understands that despite upcoming hybrids, the character of the sound of a Ferrari is a major part of the brand. The presentation called it Ferrari music, not sound. They are making an effort to ensure that the new hybridized powertrains will still sound the part. There were two slides dedicated to sound, so they must be serious.

Expect the rollout of new models to start early next year.