BMW wanted to show off just how sharp the handling of the new M2 Competition was. So why not fit a laser to the grille and go pop some balloons? Actually, we have no idea where they got the idea, but we're glad they did.

The existing world record for popping balloons with a laser is 63 in 60 seconds. That record was set in 2016 by Ashrita Furman holding a 2W 450nm blue laser. Sure, BMW could have set up a long line of balloons and let the quick-accelerating M2 pop them all quickly and easily. But the automaker didn't. They made it a challenge.

BMW set up the 1,632 kg, twin-turbo inline-six, 410 hp M2 Competition inside a massive film studio, fired up the laser, and let it dance. Watch the car spin, cut, and thrust through a massive version of the BMW M logo as it pops balloons with the help of that blue laser beam.

We won't tell you just how many balloons it popped. You'll have to watch and see.

The M2 Competition is set to arrive in showrooms this summer.