Dodge Makes a Naturally Aspirated Drag Strip Monster

If you're looking for a drag-ready Challenger, but don't want the performance (or cost) of the Demon, the Dodge might have just the thing. The Scat Pack 1320 takes some of the Demon's best features and puts them on the 6.4L naturally aspirated V8.

The Challenger Scat Pack 1320 is named for the quarter-mile distance of a drag strip. So maybe it should be the Scat Pack 402.3 (metres) in Canada? Ok, maybe not.

The 1320 is a drag-race special aimed at racers with a slightly more modest budget. It starts with the 392 cubic-inch (6.4L) Hemi V8 from the Scat Pack that generates 485 hp and 475 lb-ft of torque. The eight-speed automatic is standard, but that's the one you want on the drag strip anyway. No missed or slow shifts.

Then it adds SRT-tuned adaptive dampers with drag mode. Like the Demon, it has line lock and TransBrake to help the car stay still while waiting to launch, along with the Torque Reserve feature that lets the car build power while the Christmas tree lights flash.

Underneath, the 1320 uses the narrow standard Challenger body, but it fits special Nexen SUR4G drag-ready tires in 275/40R20 size. They're street-legal drag radials designed for grip and repeatability.

Making sure those launches don't break the car, the 1320 uses 41-spline half shafts. Dodge calls them extreme-duty, able to handle drag strip launches.

Since the quarter-mile is run with just one person, the 1320 comes with just a driver's seat. That trims weight. Like the Demon, the rest of the seats are available as $1 options.

Completing the look, there's a new Angry Bee version of the Dodge Super Bee logo on the fenders, in the illuminated Air Catcher headlight intakes, and on the dash start-up display.

The end result is a Challenger Scat Pack that will break into the 11's, according to Dodge. It shaves 0.3 seconds off the car's quarter-mile time, tripping the beams in 11.7-seconds at 185 km/h.

In case you don't live your life a quarter-mile at a time, the 1320 still has some creature comforts. Like dual-zone climate control for that passenger you don't have, a power driver seat, and keyless entry and start.

The 2019 Dodge Challenger Scat Pack 1320 Package adds $3,995 to the Challenger Scat Pack's sticker price. That makes it $50,945. Plus a twoonie for the front and rear seats. It will go on sale late this year.

Challenger 1320 made for the 1320 7/19/2018 7:36:49 PM