Boutique sports car maker Lotus has unveiled what it's calling the ultimate roadgoing version of its Exige. That means more power, less weight, and a suspension borrowed from the more track-focused Exige Cup 430 model.

The Exige 410 takes its name from a reworked version of the company's 3.5L supercharged V6. It now makes, fittingly, 410 hp. That's along with 310 lb-ft of torque to back things up. Gearchanges are handled by a six-speed manual.

Since this is a Lotus, light weight is crucial, and this car trims 2 kg from the track-ready Exige Cup 430. The car tips the scales at just 1054 kg. Using some of the aero tricks from the Exige Cup, like a new front clamshell with wider grilles and front splitter, the car generates 150 kg of downforce at speed, helping keep it planted. The lower-trim Sport 350 model gets the same nose, so call that more of a mid-cycle refresh change.

At the corners, the Exige Sport 410 uses the three-way adjustable Nitron dampers from the Cup car, although they have been revalved for road use. Braking comes from AP Racing four-piston calipers that offer more thermal capacity and better bite than the lower trim cars.

Drivers can save more weight by getting the optional titanium exhaust. It trims 10 kg more from the curb weight of the car.

Inside, the Sport 410 has an Alcantara-trimmed steering wheel along with Alcantara covered carbon-fibre sport seats.

Since this is aimed as a roadgoing sports car, not a trackday machine, air conditioning can be added, and the Exige Sport 410 is available as both coupe and roadster versions. The new Exige is expected to go on sale shortly.