Nissan Turns Titan Into A Mobile BBQ

Vegetarians, look away now: Nissan has created a mobile BBQ kitchen based on the Titan pickup that will make meat lovers' mouths water.

Dubbed the Smokin' Titan, this outfit started life as a 2018 Nissan Titan XD that underwent major modifications to turn it into an all-in-one mobile barbecue and kitchen.

The first thing you'll notice is the truck is towing its own bed. Nissan tells us that's because the food-smoking process can generate heat up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, and the rig's designers (wisely, we think) thought it safer to position temperatures like that away from the truck itself.

On either side of the trailer-mounted bed are weatherproof storage boxes for the smoker's wood pellets and wood chips, while the smoker and an accompanying grill are mounted on sliders so they can be easily removed from the bed. When you're done cooking, the whole kit is bundled away under a custom tonneau cover.

To the truck's frame -- where the cargo box used to be -- there are three food prep stations, each of which has a two-burner stove and a Brazilian wood cutting board, plus a sink and a water storage system.

Where the King Cab truck's rear seats used to be, Nissan installed a fridge/freezer combo mounted on sliders and a spice rack.

Sadly (for meat lovers, anyway), Nissan isn't planning to sell the Smokin' Titan. However, the rig will be displayed at a number of outdoor and adventure shows throughout the summer, following its public debut at this weekend's 2018 Work Truck Show in Indianapolis, IN.


One hot truck 3/7/2018 8:05:38 PM